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Ask Hackaday: Is Owning A 3D Printer Worth It?
3D printers are the single best example of what Open Hardware can be. They're useful for prototyping, building jigs for other tools, and Lulzbot has proven desktop 3D printers can be used in industrial production. We endorse 3D printing as a viable ...
Michigan Tech Study: 3D Printing Ready for Prime TimeWhat They Think

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New Atlas

3D printing Martian habitats from the ground up
New Atlas
Given the cost of transporting goods to Mars, the first human colonists of the Red Planet will need to pack lightly but it's going to take a lot of equipment to get that settlement set up. Building habitats, tools and parts out of local resources on ...
3D printing houses on Mars with NASA and the University of Central Florida3D Printing Industry

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This 3D-Printer Uses Holograms for Super-Fast Printing | ArchDaily
One established 3D-printing technique is using laser to cure light-activated plastic, building up layers one at a time in a time-consuming process....
3ders.org - AR startup Daqri builds incredible 3D printer that can ...3ders.org (blog)
Augemented reality startup DAQRI 3D prints with holograms - 3D ...3D Printing Industry
Augmented reality start-up Daqri to develop hologram powered ...Technowize

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The Independent

Could 3D printing revolutionise prosthetic limbs and care for ...
The Independent
John Nhial was barely a teenager when he was grabbed by a Sudanese guerrilla army and forced to become a child soldier. He was made to endure weeks of ...

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3ders.org (blog)

3ders.org - New video shows ONO smartphone 3D printer in action ...
3ders.org (blog)
At 3Ders, we've been eagerly awaiting news about the ONO smartphone 3D printer, which was first launched through a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016.
ONO smartphone 3D printer release update and video - 3D Printing ...3D Printing Industry

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Crowdfund Insider

Over Promise & Under Deliver. Will Tiko 3D Printer Become the Next Zano Like Kickstarter Failure?
Crowdfund Insider
There was a brief period in crowdfunding history where 3D Printers were quite the rage. Thousands of backers pumped millions of dollars into all sorts of iterations of the now ubiquitous 3D printers. Of course today the sector is intensely competitive ...

TCT Magazine

Our first look at the Rize One
TCT Magazine
It is becoming something of a hot-bed for the AM/RP/3D printing crowd: Stratasys unveiled full-colour there (and this year unveiled the F123 series) and Markforged premiered the Mark one. The attendees are all users of SOLIDWORKS CAD software and are ...

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